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The Five Major Affiliations of Earth

The Code of the Angels

  1. Beauty is the highest principle.
  2. Justice is a form of Beauty.
  3. Lesser beings should respect their betters.

The Code of the Fallen Angels

  1. Corruption is the highest principle.
  2. Suffering is a form of corruption.
  3. Power justifies itself.

The Code of the Light

  1. Humanity must live, and live forever.
  2. What must be done ought be done cleanly.
  3. Humans must be protected, particularly from themselves.

The Code of the Dark

  1. Humans should destroy themselves, individually.
  2. Humanity should destroy itself, collectively, except for a few toys.
  3. Ugliness to human eyes shows that one is worthy.

The Code of the Wild

  1. Freedom is the highest principle.
  2. Sanity and mundanity are prisons.
  3. Give in kind with a gift received.

Individual Codes

The Code of Prasinos

  1. Love is the highest principle.
  2. Prune before you uproot.
  3. ?.

The Code of Truth

  1. Truth is the highest principle.
  2. The truth should be remembered and shared (corollary: lies should be suppressed).
  3. The true nature of a thing ought not be changed (specifically, people shouldn't be made to do things they wouldn't otherwise do).

The Code of Dreams

  1. Truth is best revealed through fiction.
  2. Mundanity and routine trap unwary minds.
  3. Cleverness is its own reward.

The Code of Order

  1. All of creation must be preserved.
  2. Chaos is a blight upon creation. There is stability only in order.
  3. Randomness and choice represent chaos.

The Code of Chaos

  1. Order enslaves creation to stasis.
  2. All patterns are a form of order, and should be disrupted and degraded whenever possible.
  3. Life is a pattern.

The Code of Digits

  1. 4 is the highest principle.
  2. 10 is a form of 4.
  3. 2 divides 10 and 4.

The Four Cants of the Excrucians

The Cant of the Warmains

  1. Never surrender. Retreat only when necessary.
  2. Never abandon your comrades or arms.
  3. Die for the cause before living in shame.

The Cant of the Mimics

  1. Guard your privacy. Guard your thoughts. Guard your nature.
  2. Plan ten steps ahead. Lace every trap with traps.
  3. Never act when waiting is enough.

The Cant of the Deceivers

  1. (Use) Lies before Poison.
  2. (Use) Poison before the Dagger.
  3. (Use) The Dagger before the Sword.

The Cant of the Strategists

  1. Be strong in adversity.
  2. Be wise in decision.
  3. In action, be elegance itself.

Random Thoughts

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