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Something I've been thinking about lately is about how to make it easy for the players (as distinct from the PCs) to reason mystically, rather than logically. Now, I think that magical thinking is fundamentally symbolic and associative, and that the way you get the cool mystic-sounding insight is to let them reason by analogy. But for that to work, we need a library of analogies and symbolic connections that everyone is familiar with. There are a few such, like silver and the moon, or fire and anger, that everyone knows, but that just doesn't seem like enough.

So I'm establishing a growable motif index for the Lower than Angels campaign. Every time a character (player or otherwise) performs a miracle, I'm going to ask that some sort of symbolic thingy happen in connection with it, which we will catalogue on this web page. My hope is that the symbolic language of miracles in this game will evolve out of play, and hence will be something that lives in the players' (and my own) heads.

The Motif Index

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