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Doctors and nurses get lovers' lane

Mon Oct 20,10:07 AM ET

OSLO (Reuters) - Doctors and nurses saying goodbye to loved ones as they arrive for work have been given a novel "kiss and ride" lane for their cars at a hospital in Norway to prevent staff from blocking ambulances.

The lovers' lane has pink hearts painted on the pavement and signs reading: "Kiss and drive -- when you don't want to be in the way".

Hospital spokeswoman Marit Kvikne told Reuters: "We want to make sure that the kissing is not in the way of ambulances."

The project at the St Olav Hospital in Trondheim, central Norway, aims to route the 5,500 hospital staff away from the emergency entrance where ambulances have sometimes been hindered by passionate goodbyes when staff are dropped off.

"I don't know of any other hospital in the world which is doing this," said project manager Randi Troan at the Norwegian state road authority.

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