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Tanit - Power of the Crooked Ways

"Ange Seraphim" - Power of Assassination

Itzpapalotl - Power of Perversions

Lysander Hawkins - Power of Profit

Sen Ti-lung - Power of Calligraphy

Dr. Wilhelmina Harvey - Power of Vivisection

Samuel Goldstein - Power of Crime

Tike Yard - Power of Rats


Korrin-786 - Power of Progress

God of Concrete

(Frederick R.C. Clarke and Richard Granville Jones) (from The Hymn Book of the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada (1971 edition))

God of concrete, God of steel,
God of piston and of wheel,
God of pylon, God of steam,
God of girder and of beam,
God of atom, God of mine:
all the world of power is thine.
Lord of cable, Lord of rail,
Lord of freeway and of mail,
Lord of rocket and of flight,
Lord of soaring satellite,
Lord of lightning?s flashing line:
all the world of speed is thine.

Philippe Vilmorin - Power of Fate

Margaret - Power of Spectacle


Keisha - Power of Genius


Albert Morceuf - Power of The Romantic Age

Power of Jewels

Power of Zan Shin

Other Supernatural Beings


SARASWATI is an analytical engine created by Prasinos to ensure the proper operation of the chancel. Named after the Hindu goddess of learning, she is the AI who handles the day-to-day administration of the chancel.

Anaxamander Edge, Excrucian-shard

Anaxamander Edge is an Excrucian-shard that Wallace first met trying to get to the ruins of the lost city of Ubar in the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Peninsula. Apparently there are Nephilim still there, who still grow fruits from the seeds gathered from the Garden of Eden. Edge and Wallace are racing to get to the city first, each to prevent the other from turning the Nephilim against him. Edge is an inhumanly beautiful androgyne -- every flaw, blemish and imperfection that would be found on an ordinary body is missing from him.

Modern day humans [think that Ubar is actually the city of Shisur], but they are mistaken. The name Anaxamander comes from the Greek philosopher Anaxamader of Miletus, who wrote that "The beginning of all things was the Apeiron [the unlimited, unbounded, undefined] ... from which coming-to-be was for all things, and their destruction was of necessity into the same. For they suffer punishment and make reparation to each other for injustice according to the order of time."

The Dane

The Dane is a centuries-old paladin and protector of Denmark. Norway being part of Denmark, he must stop the Powers' plan to install Hector as king of Norway.

[The Dane's Thought Record]

The Amber Sisters

Five miraculous beings sprung forth from the sap of the World Ash.

One of Lord Entropy's Ogres


A hulking brute in a business suit who really, really, doesn't want to make the boss mad.


Yamada Tasuda

A Shinto priest at a temple in Kyoto. He has been tasked by Kasey to find out a way to make her NOT EVIL.


Northwest Smith

A tough rogue and adventurer from the old 1920s, the years that existed before the Nameless betrayed five centuries of Earth's history to the Excrucians. He was accounted the most dangerous criminal in the Solar System, but that didn't seem to be true of the version that the PCs met. In fact, he seemed to be a rather heroic figure.

Northwest Smith has been Anchored by the [Power of History].

Robert Owen

[Robert Owen] was one of the most important British capitalists and socialists of the early nineteenth century. In LowerThanAngels, he is also an Anchor of [Lysander Hawkins].


Hector Rodriguez Ornelas


Hector looks like he stepped off of an ad for a Wall Street recruiting firm: he's a young, handsome Latin man in perfect physical condition, and dressed in Armani suits and a cold look in his eye that could frighten great white sharks. He showed up at the Chancel, claiming to be the Camorran agent assigned the Prasinos contract (and he apparently fought and won a knife-fight in an alligator pit to get to that point). He's got an office in the Peacock Room.

[Hector's Thought Record]

Señor Hector Rodrigo del Orno y las Alas


Hector's heroic ancestor, a crusading knight of Spain.

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