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Wallace Clemens, a fairly mild-mannered, kinda chubby kid who got along pretty well with everyone, was picked on some, but not more than anyone, and lived a fairly benign childood one day, aged 13 or so, realized that the reason so many chinese food restaurants used MSG (which Wallace is highly allergic to) because it makes foods taste MORE. "I can make better tasting food than that! Without help! So there!" ...and so, a dedication to the art was born. Years later (about 40), after several successful restaurants being created and sold, each symbolizing a true mastery of another type of cuisine, and then WHOP! All sorts of people died, and I was IN CHARGE.

The Code of Light Grey

  1. Humanity must live, and live forever.
  2. Some ends justify more means than other ends.
  3. Humans must be protected, particularly from themselves.


Aspect 3 Inhuman (5 AMPs)
Domain 5 Regal (5 DMPs)
Realm 1 Radiant (5 RMPs)
Spirit 1 Hearthfire (5 SMPs)





Sample Miracles


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