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A thing is described as beautiful if it displays an underlying order. The works of Renaissance masters in particular were a complicated geometric set of perspection and proportions. More recently, the works of [Jackson Pollock] have been shown to display the same underlying fractal geometry found in nature, though the same cannot be said of his imitators.

Static and pure randomness, however, is not beautiful. From this, we can hypothesize that Beauty is a form of Logic, thus beginning to tie together the different principles that are the foundations of the various Codes of the Nobilis. After all, if Beauty and Justice were not the children of Logic, then it would have been impossible for the Angel of Beauty to be caught in a logical contradiction and be forced to acknowledge that his actions were contrary to Beauty. If Beauty were not forced to follow the rules of Logic, then the Angel could simply have stated that my Logical arguments were for nothing, as he was following Beauty. Instead, the Gatekeeper of Heaven refused to permit reentrance to the Most Beautiful One, who had chosen an injust act[*].

Love, it seems, is an axiomatic statement of one's emotional relationship to some Other. From this Logic stems forth, to guide one's actions and channel Love into prodcutive and non-self-contradictory manners.

Other Codes are likely to be of ontological trouble to this lines of reasoning, as they seem, on the surface, strongly opposed to one another. Nonetheless, I predict that additional analysis of the concepts involved can create an elegant solution whereby the differing Codes are all sgown to be in agreement with one aother, or operating on different levels of abstraction and focus.

*: Which should make clear that I was the correct one in my debate with [Sen Ti'Lung], the Marquis of Calligraphy, as if the Angel who defined the Code of the Angels submits to the wisdom of Reason, then so should those lesser beings who follow said code (as the Code says, the Lessers should obey their betters, and Sen is unlikely to claim that he is better than the Most Beautiful Angel in all Creation). It is, however, quite possible that said Noble has been slain, so I do not wish to gloat more over this, as it may very well be speaking ill of the dead.

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