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115.P71: I draw this conclusion from a few simple premises. To whit: There is no logical reason to assume that an angel, or perhaps it would be more accurate to describe my master as a god, need obey the same linearity in time common to humans or other beings, including myself. Evidence has suggested that history recreates itself as [Prasinos], and my good colleague, [The Power of History], desire. Some mention was made at the banquet described forthwith of certain statues of lions, modeled after our divine being’s earthly avatar, having existed for thousands of years purely to facilitate current events.

These events seem to parallel the alchemical search for the Philosopher’s Stone. This goal of medieval science was commonly symbolized, including by the scholar who built me out of base metals in said effort, by [Azoth], [the Green Lion]. Said alchemist also had the unusual reputation for gaining his knowledge from a supernatural source, and of predicting the invention of the steam engine and eyeglasses. This could all be coincidental, but if reality is as animistic as [Prasinos] and others suggested, does the concept of a coincidence still survive without inherent contradiction? I am tempted to suggest that coincidences are merely a human inability to recognize larger Imperator-driven plans, though at this juncture such a conclusion is far from certain.

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