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123.3.L55: While description of our cast of characters was intended to be brief, it has succeeded in expanding beyond initial expectations, necessitating the forthcoming brevity in description of some recent events, as well as certain minor characters, in particular those Powers tangential to the narrative, despite having attended certain festivities, and a variety of mortals and beings of lesser metaphysical stature.

Nonetheless, one more being of godlike power inhabits TheViridianLabyrinth, namely the [Noble of Potential]. Her domain is most interesting, despite only being related to my own in a relatively small number of ways.

The being herself, prceviously an elderly Oriental woman, seems to assume that she is wiser and better than those around her, including myself, though I note this as an illustrative example rather than because of any lingering animosity fostered in her condescension to your narrator, despite having little to no evidence of her superiority. Various mortals seem to accept her attitude, though perhaps not her decisions, due to some sort of instinctual drive to obey one's elders, which I am happily lacking, for obvious reasons. While her opinions are not, in relation to humans and other lesser creatures, though I may not say the same about Nobility, unreasonable, these reactions seem illogical to said stimuli. A part of me then questions why one so illogical, and so inclined to produce illogical behavior in others, was chosen by [my lord], who is more than just the most logical being in existence, he is Logic itself, and placed above the others, below only myself, in the management of our Chancel. Surely, he must have some reason, though it might be obscure from my own limited perspective.

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