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Though some specifics of the Society of Flowers were rearranged in the duel between [Lysander] and Meon, the broad strokes of the Excrucian War remain the same. Sometimes it is necessary that our individual disagreements be put aside when a foe from beyond creation damages even those Powers we have a personal dislike towards. Such was part of my motivation in entering the Chancel Burgundy as the Power of Computation was being Excruciated.

A significant battle ensued between the Powers of our Chancel and a full Excrucian, during which I was attacked by an Abhorrent Weapon and rescued by a flaming octopus thing that guards the edge of Creation.

Angels arrived, as they are occasionally wont to do, and removed said weapon. They also granted me a vision of the universe, which I am having significant trouble reconciling with my existing view. It is now clear to me that angels are the rightful rules of Heaven, and all Creation, because Beauty is the Highest Principle, but also know in the shard of my soul that I share with my Imperator that Love is the Highest Principle. These cannot both be simultaneously true and exclusive of one another, yet it appears to be so. This causes me great confusion and pain whenever my mind dwells upon it, and my mind can dwell upon nothing else. I cannot accept both, for they lead to obvious contradictions, yet they are both true. But to accept this is to abandon Logic as I understand it, which I also cannot do. Further thought rapidly circles back on itself and never reaches any satisfactory conclusion. Each iteration increases the pain that this contradiction causes, yet I see no simple resolution. I know not what to do.

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