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The myth of Melek Taus, as told by the Yezidi, has a small but non-zero chance of being accurate as to the particular actions of our august Imperator in the Second Age. Nonetheless, it is suggested by my brother that truth can be revealed through fiction, which leads to a conclusion that something useful may be derived by examination of this myth. While I have severe qualms about the secondary hypothesis, it is somewhat useful for the moment for me to reach my desired goal, and therefore must suffice until my argument can somehow be strengthened.

According to the Yezidi, Melek Taus was the highest of the angels, who was ordered by the Creator to bow before man. Being an angel, Melek Taus knew he was of greater worth than a mere mortal being, but also knew that he should follow the orders of his Lord. When the other angels chose to follow their command from God, Melek Taus chose to follow the ethical code established by the Creator, and rebelled. Rather than be struck down for his noble defiance, as all the angels expected, Melek Taus was praised by the Lord and given dominion over the earth for his most wise decision. From this, we may determine that it is better to follow the commands of an ethical code than it is to blindly obey your superior beings.

I recall this narrative to explicate my recent activites, including my alliance with Wallace and my betrayal of Meon. When all the other Powers followed Prasinos's command to torture Wallace unto death, it seemed to me that Wallace had done nothing wrong, and had in fact followed the only moral tenet thus far established of Prasinos's moral code, and therefore was deserving of no punishment. I knew that such a direct contradiction of Prasinos's commands might very well have earned me a similar torture, as Wallace had earned for his own noble defiance, but nonetheless knew it was the right choice to make regardless of what consequences my Imperator might have struck me with. As it is, I have been placed in direct conflict with half of my Familia, who have struck at those things which I value. I am uncertain how that situation will be resolved.

Similarly, I have entered into a conspiracy with Lysander Hawkins, the Marquis of Profit, to rig a duel between that same Power and Meon, Lord Entropy's Power of Desecration. To do so may very well spell out my future downfall, but to follow Prasinos's tenet that Love is the Highest Principle means being directly opposed to Entropy's Windflower Law, and several other of Entropy's lesser entries in the Code Fidelitatis. This duel is scheduled to commence shortly, and I still have yet to decide how overt my allegiance with Lysander should be. One might expect that having a godly intellect would make decisions simpler, but instead it simply makes me more acutely aware of different factors that need accounted for, and of flaws in my own reasoning.

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