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511.313.C43: It has been known since at the least the time when Eubulides opposed Aristotle, and likely quite earlier to those beings of greater than human awareness, that lack of precisification is inherently problematic to the orderly functioning of coherent reasoning. This problem is magnified to a debilitating degree when an indefinite concept is in some way the topic of debate, and such a debate is unlikely to resolve to any useful or trustworthy conclusion. Logic is, or has been traditionally considered, based upon the ability to clearly differentiate between whether something does or does not fall into a given category.

The observant reader has no doubt by now determined that I am attempting my introduction of my sister, the [Power of Twilight], who controls the very indefiniteness that is so often the downfall of my own domain. It is quite possible, I suppose, for the two of us to find some common ground, unthreatening to either, perhaps in the philosophy of [Wittgenstein], though that would present its own limits on my domain, which I am uncertain whether I would be willing, or able for that matter, to accept the confinement to linguistic realms suggested in the Philosophical Investigations.

It occurs to me that this record has thus far primarily described my complaints about my brethren. This might be somewhat worrying to my potential audiences, and for that reason let me assure the reader that I do not doubt in the slightest my Lord Prasinos's choices of realms to control or creatures to serve over those realms. I merely illustrate that certain aspects of my realm, or their being, might contain some potential conflict, so that if said conflict were ever to arise, I might be somewhat prepared for that, hopefully improbable, occurence. Alternately, one might suggest that these records act as a catharsis, rather than instigating mimesis, though this argument is highly doubtful due to my own inhuman origins, and lack of humanoid drives, subconcious and such. Regardless, I currently wish no harm on any in my familia, or for that matter on any being, and merely wish to make some note of observed events.

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