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641.8157.C54: It should be sufficiently apparent, such that I may be allowed to forego, until more congenial date, argumentation to support the belief, henceforth to be taken as axiomatic until said eventuality, that reality is a camplex place. From this fact, the proof of which exists in some potential future, it can easily be derived that all ethical systems must necessarily contain some manifestation of situaional variable, or else produce highly doubtful results in some, if not most, contexts, depending on the relative precision of the ethical prescriptions. While highly abstracted guidelines can successfully be applied to a broad range of circumstances, in so far as the existential being making an ethical interpretation acts as a contextual modifier, so to can they be easily misapplied due to the fallibility of the being relating the theoretical and practical realms. Nonetheless, a moral directive which is broadly applicable appears, lacking reliable evidence to the contrary or contradictory of my argument thus far, preferable to a set of instructions of a more concrete level, particularly one single physical act as a moral reflex to any given stimuli.

While this chain of reasoning may be germane to the dilemmas posed by my esteemed Imperator, I describe this rather to illustrate my primary quarrel with my sibling, the [Power of Cooking]. To the present date, he has demonstrated a marked tendency for attempting one single solution for neary any problem, viz. giving food to the assembled antagonists. Though, it is admitted, this has produced some positive results thus far, and has a probability of doing so in certain future states, it is nonetheless the sort of logically absurd solution described above, and therefore shall inevitably find a situation in which it creates more harm than benefit. i know not whether this moral fallacy on the part of [Marquis Clemens] is a function of his being an earthly personification of the culinary arts, or if it is a holdover from his mortal shortcomings. Inversely, the same question might be applied to this author with symmetrical results, i.e. that my inability to accept said solution might be either the result of my inhuman heritage, or derived from my status as Baron of Logic. Verification of the causality in this situation would be, it seems, difficult to impossible even for a being of my abilities, and so must be left as a question for the reader to contemplate and speculate on purely for their own edification.

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