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808.06692.T45: Perhaps not the most relevant fact, though likely the most interesting to many of my readers, is that the [Power of Stories] has no name. Pseudonyms and titles he has his fill of, yet the nomenclature applied prior to Commencement has been removed by [his master and mine], perhaps as part of a plan far larger than my own, and the [Narrative Monarch]'s, ability to see, or even comprehend. My sibling quite often uses the nom de plume of [Teller], which he first began when mortal, and has since moved to use for more than simple authorial situations. [Teller] was, like the rest of my Familia, excepting myself, a mundane human prior to being granted godlike powers. This raises some question of why I was granted these powers alongside multiple humans, though I am loath to disrupt my master's slumber with questions, particularly those that may be seen as doubtful of his august wisdom.

To this date, [my brother] has made his abilities most useful for calming the remaining masses of humanity in our Chancel, though it seems likely that he has an interesting role to play in future events. On more than a single occasion, he has attempted to put forth some logical arguments, which are often interesting, though not always valid or derived from fact. This is quite likely some part of his nature, as Stories, as a concept rather than a person, though admittedly when dealing with gods and anthropomorphic personifications the distinction my be insginificant or invalid (it is possible that the distinction remains purely as a matter of perspective, much like the difference between a particle of light and a wave, or between the two Earths) are focused more on arguments that are interesting and appealing on the surface rather than solidly constructed, and this aspect of Stories is likely reflected in [my sibling], as just described. These differences might possibly cause some future disagreements, though I cannot predict with both precision and accuracy when or why such a conflict might arise.

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