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907.20.S83: Some might argue, with some justification, that the reader of intelligence, and I hope my audience is thus, can surmise from that which has been written the fact that among my brethren I may count the esteemed [Muse of History]. Though it is indeed accurate to state that I have referenced her existence previously in our narrative, the interests of rhetorical symmetricism necessitates a further formal introduction before these memoirs may proceed to more recent events.

Unlike some of those divine beings illustrated in other entries, I find no particular conflict between her estate and my own, or between her behaviour to date and that dictated by rationality.[*] While my interactions with her to date have been of a more limited nature than with various other constituents of our Familia, her manipulation of her estate has proved most useful in our political dabblings in Norway, and likely will be of further assistance in my plans for reaching my earthly creator.

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