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920.0995.V57: If a Noble, or some other being of mortal or celestial character, were to stand before the Locust Court and accuse this author of a certain negligence in performance of authorial duties, then few options would be available to me save to throw myself on the mercy of the Darkest Lord and his Court.

Thankfully, said judicial body rarely chooses to punish such transgressions, though I must nonetheless beg my dear brother, the [Power of Stories], to forgive my literary misdemeanors on the grounds of authorial inexperience, having told few tales while residing on various museum shelves these past seven hundred and thirty seven years, and the vagaries of telling a story simultaneously with its occurence. The [Muse of History] will not, I believe, be as troubled by my mistellings, in that the actual events remain unharmed; I have succeeded only in mangling the communication thereof.

Of my specific crimes against narrative, the largest, at least of those which have become known to me, would be referencing personages not yet introduced. Astute readers may have observed this crime compounded above even as I attempted to rectify my transgressions. Therefore, I shall immediately introduce the Dramatis Personae to my little morality play, lest further sins be committed by delaying.

The protagonist in said fable would not be your kindly narrator, but rather my esteemed Imperator Occultus, the angel Prasinos briefly detailed previously. Unfortunately, despite being the foremost figure in my tale, he has chosen to reveal relatively little to my colleagues and myself. To the best of my abilities, though as described these are limited, I shall set to record what knowledge he has granted us. Firstly, Prasinos described himself as an angel. This raises numerous interesting metaphysical and theological issues, which I must remember to ask him about at some future point. These largely theoretical concerns, however, are presently outweighed by more practical ethical concerns raised by serving one of the fallen angels, though of course to arrive at a proper ethical conclusion one must have certian metaphysical knowledge currently unknown to this humble philosopher.

Fealty to Prasinos might not be as immoral as one might suppose upon hearing of his Fallen nature, in that, while he was Lucifer's accomplice in conspiracy for rebellion against Heaven, the two have since parted ways following a disagreement of some nature unrevealed. Following this second exile, Prasinos has chosen to relocate to a portion of the earth, which has been reworked to certain specifications. Upon arriving on earth, Prasinos chose to enNoble myself and my Familia Numinium to find or create for him a new ethical code to live by.

It is worth noting that Lucifer still retains something belonging to my Lord, which my siblings have been charged with returning, though even our master knows not what it is, somehow. Some may also consider it worthwhile to note that Prasinos has chosen to appear as a green lion rather larger than any earthly feline. I however, only mention it for the benefit of those who believe this mistaken conclusion, viz. that appearances of a being in some way reveal something of their nature.

Hopefully, after perusing this brief introduction, the audience, whoever that may be, feels sufficiently comfortable with this character that I may safely proceed on to detail the remainder of our motley assembly of players without suffering undue rancor from our kindly [Lord of Stories], who is incidentally the next subject to be detailed.

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