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[Roger Bacon]

The reknowned medieval philosopher and [alchemist], one of the first to [argue] the importance of empiricism and the scientific method. Under secret orders from the Pope, Bacon compiled an encyclopedia of then current knowledge, which caused him to be accussed and [convicted of heresy] by his monkly order.

The PowerOfLogic thinks of Bacon like a father figure, and respects his learning and effort to improve science. However, the PowerOfLogic also is uncomfortable with his feelings of love towards the man, as love seems illogical, but clearly the Power has enough love for him to Anchor Bacon.

  *Medieval scholar
  -Old, Heretic

Muhannad Solaimani (born Jason Newbold)

Really just an average suburban white kid that dropped out of college, took too many drugs, and proclaimed himself a [poetic terrorist]. Thereafter, he began creating ridiculous, and often illegal, [pranks] on instituitions of order, ranging from corporate headquarters to museums. He fled to the island to avoid legal troubles after a prank gone too far, and brought the mechanical head with him. During the enChancelment of Mayapore, Solaimani was made into the PowerOfLogic's first Anchor. The PowerOfLogic cannot abide by the political views that Muhannad promotes, or the twisted rhetoric that he uses to back these up.

  *Political and artistic rhetoric
  +Breaking and entering
  -Gets himself into trouble

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