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A [mechanical head] originally built by Roger Bacon. The head didn't actually work, despite the best efforts of medieval clockworking and alchemy, and wound up spending centuries in the backrooms of various museums. A few months before the game begins, the head was stolen by the poetic terrorist Muhannad Solaimani along with numerous others works of great value. A written statement left behind claimed that "Art wants to be free". Solaimani fled legal repercussions to south east asia, where he decided to hide out, and began building a clockwork body to accompany the clockwork head, as part of some future planned prank. At this point, the chancel was created and the head was granted awareness and Nobility, as the Power of Logic.

The design of the Power of Logic is composed of a White Mulberry flower, representing Wisdom, and a Pomegranate blossom, representing [elegance in the mathematical sense] of clarity of thought and logic. The background is composed of a set of interlocking gears, representing Dialecticus's allegiance to his own ethical code, a recognition of his earthly origins, and the regularity and orderliness of logic as a concept.

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