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Miracle Chart

Level Type Cost Example
0Estate-Driven Miracles0Learn about threats to Logic as a concept
1Ghost Miracles0Make an argument seem convincing
2Lesser Divination1Determine flaws in any argument, see causal relations, find the basic assumptions that someone operates on
3Lesser Preservation2Remove fallacies and contradictions from an argument
4Leser Creations4Create a sound argument to uphold any proposition, create a separate but valid ethical or mathematical system
5Lesser Destructions4Cause confusion and madness in a subject
Major Divinations4Know the truth value of any statement
6Lesser Changes8Change the assumptions someone operates on, make an invalid argument valid in a specific insance
Major Preservations8Make belief system universally unable to be argued with
7Major Creations8Make any two events causally related
8Major Destructions8Make a belief system universally illogical; perhaps this has been tried by previous powers of logic on geocentrism or on Creationism
9Major Changes8Rewrite mathematics as I see fit

MP Record

I was keeping track of MPs, but not on here. Since there was a MP reset, I'm going to try to keep better track of Miracles on here.


1Journal Entries@ 2 MPs each2
Total 2


Miscellaneous MPs left2

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