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Logic's throne is a large, shining brass chair with lots of wires, pneumatic tubesand drive chains running out of into into various parts of the Chancel. When the Power of Logic sits in the chair, his internal drives interface with those of the throne, and he is able to know about events occurring throughout the Chancel, perhaps through direct communication with Saraswati. (This is my attempt to represent a high Realm score. Perhaps I might make the throne a focus for his Realm score).

Spare Time

TheViridianLabyrinth is kind of like an infinite Edwardian mansion interpenetrating with its surrounding hedge maze. There are studies, factories, libraries, gardens, tunnels, and many other strange things within its non-Euclidean confines. What part of the Chancel that does your PC like the best, and what is it like?

When given free time, the Power likes to go an observatory on the top floor of the mansion. Because of the klein bottle geometry of the chancel, you can never see stars through the telescopes and skylights there, but he likes to map out in his mind the unusual geometry of the Chancel, and to observe from afar the daily events of the Chancel's inhabitants. This could all be performed through divinations of Realm, but as far as Dialecticus knows, no one else has found this secluded chamber, so it affords him a refuge from the governing of the Chancel.

Dialecticus also spends a decent amount of time reading various books from one of the libraries, often in a large gallery of penduluum clocks, none of which agree on the time, and fiddling in a workshop near the throne room, where chancel inhabitants know to find him. There, he splits his time between minor tweaks to his own body, and construction of a clockwork pet in a manner similar to the Sindri's construction of an Automata.

The Opus Dialecticus keeps no quarters. He rarely sleeps, and has no personal possessions to store.


When the spirits of Logic manifest in the Noosphere (that rarified region of Mythic Reality where ideas are tangible beings), they appear like a frighteningly complex set of children's construction toys. Imagine a set of [Tinkertoys] created for children with inhumanly high intelligence, and you begin to understand what a typical belief system looks like. ([Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan], the father of Indian Library Science created his [Colon Calissification] system for organizing ideas when looking at a set of [Meccano] construction toys, so I'm not the only one imagining ideas as interconnecting building blocks.)

Often, logical fallacies try to sneak in and weaken an argument. To the untrained eye, they look the same as a valid argument, but the Power of Logic can recognize them on site, and weed them out (or, if he wishes, plant them in another argument).

The most powerful and significant of the Logical spirits is Daniel, who draws the boundaries that create definitions. Daniel tends to be very zealous about creating clear dividing lines between concepts. For this reason, he tends to dislike the PowerOfTwilight, or any other who might suggest that ideas do not have clear boundaries (such as the philosopher [Wittgenstein]).

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