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Koh Li-leng


Li was born in (or around) Singapore about 70 years before becoming a Noble, and so retains her general grandmotherly appearance. Her mind was sharpened even though her body is still relatively weak.

[Thought Record]


The Code of the Angels

  1. Beauty is the highest principle.
  2. Justice is a form of Beauty.
  3. Lesser beings should respect their betters.


Aspect 1 Metahuman (5 AMPs) Domain 4 Duchess (5 DMPs) Realm 3 Warden (5 RMPs) Spirit 1 Hearthfire (5 SMPs) [Sample Miracles]


  • Worldwalker
  • Immutable


  • Limit -- Light Touch (+1 MP)
  • Restriction -- Claustrophobic
  • Restriction -- Subtle


  • Doria: great-granddaughter
  • Mr. Yin: lawyer from Singapore
[Additional Information]


  • (5 points) Her power over her domain.
  • (4 points) Doria
  • (3 points) Her garden -- a small plot of land which she tends lovingly, keeping the soil fertile, planting seeds, and removing anything that has started to grow (and therefore destroying the potential for a garden to exist).
  • (2 points) Empty, uncluttered spaces
  • (2 points) Plowed (unplanted) fields
  • (2 points) Her devotion to Prasinos
  • (1 point) Mr. Yin
  • (1 point) Children in general, and specifically the period of childhood in which a person is developing his own place in the world but before it has been fully fleshed out.

Wound Levels

Surface 2 Serious 2 Deadly 1


Two flowers with stems entwined, both having leaves in two pairs on opposite sides of the stem. One is an open yellow aster (signifying the constancy of variety); the other, a closed white Star of Bethlehem (a flower of purity and hope).

[Additional Character Notes]

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