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Doria Focareta

* Youthful Child :) Creative :) Intelligent :( Only Eight Years Old

Li's youngest ancestor, her granddaughter Doria, lives in San Francisco with her parents. Her mother immigrated to the US after attending college in California. Doria's father is an American; his ancestry is primarily German but in general a Caucasian mix.

Mr. Yin

* High-Powered Lawyer :) Crafty :) Connected :( Nihilistic Mid-Life Crisis

Early in his career, Yin made enemies with the Koh family after an incident involving Li's son. Now, he has become disillusioned with life, and feels like he has nothing left to offer. After becoming anchored, Li is able to use her new abilities to show him that he still has work left to be done.

"This is a court of law, not a court of humanity."

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