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March 30, 2004

Of course, we must by necessity discuss all possible solutions to the problems at hand. All outcomes are valid and worth examining. Each and every one of us has thoughts that are worth sharing.

However, there is a time when our familia stops discussing, and words turn to rhetoric. Each one becomes set in his way, convinced that his idea is the correct course of action. But no amount of rhetoric will change the heart of a stubborn god. This is the point when the potential for new ideas ceases.

Simply, action must be taken to prevent stagnation. And stagnation, the cessation of potential, must be avoided at all costs.

October 20, 2003

Hector has proven already to be a liability. Dealing with the people left on the island has benn frustratingly complicated. And while Wallace's wife is really quite a dear person, I don't think my young brother prepared her for the shock of realizing her husband had become like a god.

I must come to one simple and frightening conclusion. Those who we love are not safe, perhaps they are the most in danger of all. My family has nearly deserted me in my long years, but there is one I can still genuinely claim to love. Sweet little Doria. The last time I saw her was six months ago, when her mother, my grandchild, paid to fly me to California.

No one, not even my brothers and sisters, need know. But I must make sure that she is safe.

October 13, 2003

The events of today have far outshone anything I had experienced in seventy-five years of living on this earth.

It began at the court. Yin won his case, thanks no doubt to corruption of the judicial system and the judge who failed to uphold his duty to justice.

But none of that mattered a few minutes later, because the earth itself was rended apart by a beast of angelic proportions. I can only guess that this Prasinos is the mythic lion of Singapore's origins. He ripped our small island, Singapore's little sister, completely out of existence.

And I survived, judged by this fallen angel to be worthy of a gift of power. He rended me even as he tore at the land. His teeth bored into my body, but I was not consumed. Instead, I saw the world open up to as only a being of great power might see. I saw the future, laid out like so many roads, like branches of a great tree. The potential of things, living and nonliving, became my domain in that instant, and I became aware of it all.

I soon found I was not alone in this rended chancel. Strange beings, unlike anything on earth, roamed the newly created land. And there are others like me, humans given the power of gods. My brothers and sisters, the children of Prasinos, are of the youthful and the strange and the wonderful alike.

After learning only cursory amounts of information from the angel, we were sent a young man from a group called the Camorra. Hector was a wealth of information for us newly-created, disoriented demi-gods. He was also a source of risk, an unknown and possibly untrustworthy intrusion into the sanctity of our Viridian Labyrinth.

I have seen the control a debt can place on a person, and so my gift to him was little more than a demand for future repayment. Pruning away the potential for death was a simple task on this mortal boy. The spirits swirled around him like so many leaves on an autumn tree, falling off with the breath of winter that was my kiss. A simple show of power, no more difficult than sweeping the porch free of debris. And yet I believe it will be enough to demonstrate that we are not to be taken lightly.

We have many tasks before us, not the least of which will surely involve finding how we fit in to the hierarchy of the world now that we are so far removed from it.

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