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Name, Appearance, & History

His real name is not something that is generally known. He goes by whatever name is convenient, and prefers not to be tracked. If any name most suits him, it must be "Teller", which he adopted as a pseudonym while an author and is what he uses among friends.

In person he appears as tall slim man with pale skin, and his facial features lie somewhere between European and Asian. His long black hair is smooth and sleek, alternately worn free or in a bun. He also sports a neat, pointed beard. The most notable of his features are his gleaming green eyes that seem to have unnatural depth.

In his mortal life, he was an author of some success, and travelled the world extensively to research for his novels. He was ennobled in his mid-twenties. Prior to that, he had, as the only son of a Chinese diplomat and his German wife (acquired during a posting to the East Germany) lived in many countries before going to the university at Berkeley. Part of the reason that he travels so much is that, possibly as a result of his mobile upbringing as an only child, he has some level of trouble forming lasting personal attachments to other people.

Code of Dreams

  1. Truth is best revealed through fiction.
  2. Mundanity and routine trap unwary minds.
  3. Cleverness is its own reward.


Aspect 1 Metahuman (5 AMPs) Domain: Stories 4 Duke (5 DMPs) Secondary Domain: Fate 2 Viscount Realm 0 Citizen (5 RMPs) Spirit 4 Conflagration (5 SMPs)




When he was Empowered, his name caught on Prasinos's tooth and was consumed, leaving him with no true name. As a result, there is no center upon which for others to hang his identity. He can at best present a facade to them, for the true self behind has become imperceptibly nebulous. Without prolonged contact and build-up of identity, he is easily forgotten. He has substantial difficulty in developing any sort of lasting personal relationships due to this, though Powers and other supernatural beings have a much easier time of this.


Once given, he always keeps his word, though he is only bound to the letter, not the spirit, of his pronouncements.


  • Claudia Araldi
    • 50-year-old woman in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Charming, Graceful & Elegant, Worldy & Experienced, Slightly Aloof & Arrogant
    • Claudia is an aging actress of both stage and screen, and Teller is rather fond of her performances. Although she does not make many films these days, mostly because the film industry tends not to have many roles for older women, she still does plays to great critical acclaim. What drove this distant admiration over the threshold needed for Anchoring was the occasion where Teller met her after one of her performances, and she proved to be quite charming in person as well as suitably impressed with the script Teller had sent her to read and consider acting in.
  • Yang Song-lian
    • 22-year-old girl in Shanghai, China
    • Empathic, Perceptive, Eloquent, Naively Idealistic
    • Song-lian is an attractive young woman whom Teller met and befriended at Berkeley. They developed an on-again-off-again open relationship, and, while not in love, they still care substantially for each other. She has since returned to her native Shanghai, and he has visited her there on occasion. She finds her calling as a poet and considers herself a political activist for several causes, though her enthusiasm typically outstrips what she can realistically accomplish in a reasonable time frame.
    • Immortal as a result of eating a peach from the Garden of Eden.
  • Otmar Friedrich
    • 37-year-old man in Frankfurt, Germany
    • Methodical & Efficient, Manipulative, Imposing & Authoritative, Cold & Ruthless
    • Otmar Friedrich is a financier and movie producer. His ultimate concern is simply making money. As such, all films he backs are carefully researched tripe with lowest-common denominator appeal that has been focus-grouped into deadly blandness. At some point, he saw a screenplay that Teller had written, stripped it of all originality and interest, and made it into a mockery of what it was intended to be. To make matters worse, he neither credited nor payed Teller for this. After his Ennobling, the burning resentment this incident left behind was used to spark Otmar's conversion into an Anchor of Stories, leaving him forced to produce compelling films with depth.
  • Muileki Kgoloko
    • 71-year-old man in Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Grandfatherly, Wise, Unassuming but Respectable, Passive
    • Mr. Kgoloko is a retired teacher who has held all his life that knowledge and the conviction to apply it are to two most important tools a person can have. He weathered the evils of apartheid through to a era of equality, though the high level of corruption and crime in his nation saddens him. He still volunteers to teach children to read and cares about preserving the traditional stories of his heritage. With the time available to him in retirement, he is writing a book of collected folk tales he would like to publish some day. Teller met him during a stay in South Africa, and was deeply impressed with the old man's spirit.
  • Ralph Carlson
    • 14-year-old boy in San Jose, California, United States
    • Vivacious, Clever, Skilled, Easily Distracted
    • Ralph is a intelligent, energetic teenager who's constantly coming up with neat ideas, but, amazingly enough, actually manages to follow through on some of them. He runs a web site that collects interesting flash animations, a good share of them his, and also a MUSH, the Pocket Universe, whose purpose is to allow anyone to create interesting environments and allow others to explore them. Teller met him via an online message board and followed a link to his site, leading to continued correspondence and his eventual selection as an anchor. Teller suspects that one of the doors in the mansion actually leads to the virtual world of the Pocket Universe, but is unsure exactly where following it would take one to...


  • 4 Promoting creativity and a sense of wonder
  • 4 Preserving stories and making sure they are passed on
  • 1 Encouraging literacy
  • 2 TheViridianLabyrinth
  • 3 Yang Song-lian
  • 2 Ralph Carlson
  • 2 Otmar Friedrich
  • 1 Claudia Araldi
  • 1 Muileki Kgoloko

Wound Levels

Surface 2 Serious 2 Deadly 1


Definitely something involving closed white flowers, probably open white as well. Six-petalled flowers with sword-like leaves and almost petalless flowers.


  • /Miracles, Examples of what Stories can do with Domain
  • /Moments, Events of interest that took place mostly not during game sessions
  • /Musings, Random writings on the nature of Stories
  • /ThoughtRecord, A log of thoughts regarding events that took place mostly during game sessions
  • /Throne, The thing in the Chancel that I sit on a lot
  • /ChinesePortrait, An irrational questionnaire
  • /Spirits, Lesser beings who serve my estate
  • /Accounting, Miracle points earned and spent


  • 1 point spent on upgrading Wayfinder to Worldwalker
  • 3 points spent on upgrading Domain to 4
  • 2 points spent on absorbing Fate as a secondary domain
  • 1 unspent points

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