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Events of interest that took place mostly not during game sessions

A Small Apartment in Shanghai, Sometime in 2001

I open my eyes and stare the ceiling for a moment, then prop myself up on one arm. Song-lian's wonderful body lies snuggled up against mine, and I put the tips of my fingers at the base of her neck and stroke down over the bumps of her spine, the small depression at the base of her back, and the gentle curve of her rear. She murmurs some noise of pleasurable appreciation and shifts around slightly. Dawn's light is shining through the threads of the curtain and sneaking past its edges, trying to get a foothold in the room. I lift myself up and head to the window, pulling back the curtain enough to look out and see the pinks and oranges that smear across the sparse low clouds. The ten thousand smells of the city assault my breath, engine fumes and wet dogs and fresh whole chickens and unseen humans getting up and starting to sweat, and I'm reminded of just how good it feels to be alive in our world.

The Anchoring of Ralph Carlson

You are standing in a spacious atrium, with golden sunlight gently cascading down through the central opening. Cool shade wraps around the outside of the edge of the square, and lush vegetation borders the central pool.
>@define verb cry
New verb defined, name=cry
>@set cry.command cry
cry.command has no target.
>@set cry.message.self 'You cry.'
cry.message.self='You cry.'
>@set cry.message.others '$actor cries.'
cry.message.others='$actor cries.'
>@set cry.effect "@new tears '$actor\'s tears' owner=$actor"
cry.effect="@new tears '$actor\'s tears' owner=$actor location=$actor.location"
Script compile error: class tears undefined.
>@show liquid
>@define liquid tears
New liquid defined, name=tears
>@show drink
     command='drink $target'
          self='You drink $target.'
          others='$actor drinks $target.'
You walk north.
You are in a gleaming marble hallway, running north from the atrium to the garden. There are two bronze doors on either side.
>go stu
You open the door to the study and enter.
You are in a cozy study, with a large oaken desk taking up the center of the room. Shelves filled with books line the walls, parting only for the door and the large window directly opposite it.
Ralcar is here.
>say Hey!
You say Hey!
Ralcar waves.
Ralcar says What's up?
>say I made a new command. Check it out.
You say I made a new command. Check it out.
You cry.
There are now some Teller's tears here.
>say Try drinking them; it should work.
You say Try drinking them; it should work.
Ralcar picks up some Teller's tears.
Ralcar drinks some Teller's tears.
Ralcar says Whoa! What the hell's going on?

The Anchoring of Yang Song-lian

A sweet memory to be preserved later...

The Anchoring of Otmar Friedrich

With apologies to the entire German-speaking population of the world:

Teller: Ich bin hier fur sehen Otmar.
Secretary: Hast du ein appointment? Was ist ihre nahme?
Teller: Ich habe keine appointment und keine nahme...
Teller barges through.
Secretary: Halt! Du kannst nicht in der gehen! Dier ist mich...

Teller: Otmar! Wir haben business!
Otmar: Eh? Wer bist du? Knowen ich du?
Teller: Yah, du mich knowsst, schwein! POW! Du hasst mein skript gestolen!
Otmar: Ahh! Mein jaw! Hund! Du bist insän! Was wannst du?! Owww...
Teller: Remembresst mich? Remembresst mein skript? Remembresst how du hast er gemanglt? Remembresst how du hasst mich nicht gepayt? BAM!
Otmar: Yeah, yeah! Ich remembert!
Teller: Mein blud, mein schweat, und mein tiers war in das skript! Meine hande haben geworkt uber alles die pagen! Jetzt, meine hande geworken uber alles deine fäs! Mein blud willen in dich sein! Du bisst mein!
Otmar wipes at the blood on his face, his own mingled with some drops from where Teller's knuckle split while punching him, smearing some of it across his lip.
Teller: Jetzt, listen hier. Dieses is how du willst komport in der futur...

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