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The spirits of Stories are divided into three broad classifications, instance, specific, archetypical spirits. Specific spirits are associated with individual stories in their various forms, encompassing a reasonable range of variation. Instance spirits are associated with one particular telling of a story. This could be a single evening's speech from a bard or an edition of a printed work. They are dogmatic, knowing about little else apart from the one instance they are tied to. Archetypical spirits are the most powerful for they are the avatars of broad concepts that appear time and time again in human stories.

Spirits of Stories in general adopt and appearance that fits in with they part of Stories that they represent. Instance spirits often represent the specific representation of that story which they represent, appearing as a duplicate of the storyteller, a flapping book, or a snake of film. Specific spirits take on appearances from within they tale they represent, usually appearing as an amalgamation of the major characters or as the in-story narrator, if there is one. Archetypical spirits can vary their appearance at will to represent any of the concepts and individual stories that they subsume, but by default have a sort of nebulous and indistinct appearance, seeming out-of-focus or blurred to the human eye, yet somehow hinting at what they truly are.

One of the most powerful and ancient of the spirits of Stories is the The Hero with a Thousand Faces. A bold, intrepid character, he represents the ideals of growing into just power and using to vanquish evil for the good of humanity. He can take on the form of any hero of myth and legend, be it Odysseus or Luke Skywalker.

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