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Teller's throne is a simple affair, undecorated and as low to the ground as possible. It consists of only a seat, a tall back, and small armrests. Instead of legs, it has a rounded base allowing it to sit on the floor and rock comfortably. One can even tilt all the way back in it and look up at the ceiling, the sky, or whatever else lies above. It's quite light, and can easily be toted about, to hold mobile court or simply to enjoy a change of view. The throne itself is made of some indistinct dark grey material with a strange sheen to it, too supple to be leather, too smooth to be cloth--it reminds one of a hundred different things, but is quite like none of them. If one stares at it long enough, the stars shining in its hidden depths become apparent, but vanish again when stared at, like shy children peeking out from hidden alcoves. It is woven from the fabric of dreams and myth, and is quite pleasant to sit on. While by no means impressive, one cannot expect much more from one whose Realm barely recognizes as present...

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