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Name & Background

Known mortally as Kasey Chasca, she remembers having another name. Generally, though, she'll answer to Kasey or just Kay.

Her last weeks as a mortal were spent wandering the Point Reyes shore, wrapped in a long coat, and wondering where to go next. She had a physics degree (following in her favorite cousin's footsteps), with an interest in quantum mechanics, but no interest in applying herself to research. Wandering the California beaches doing odd jobs soon grew old, so she finally blew the last of her savings to get a ticket to visit her ex-girlfriend in Kyoto. Her layover in Mayapore at the time of the Enchancelling meant that she never reached Japan, though she still watches over Leigh as one of her Anchors.

The Power of Twilight

In the language of Nobles, the concept of "twilight" represents much more than just the time between light and dark. "Twilight" stands for a strong sense of betweenness occurring in relation to two opposed or seperated concepts. Twilight is a threshold between two times, a sort of cosmic indecision, but also the bridge holding a polarized reality together. Containing pieces of the two opposites, it is still more than the sum of its parts. Perhaps its most accurate symbol would be the unified yin and yang of Chinese Taoism.

Usage Note: According to a widely repeated but unjustified tradition, “between is used for two, and among for more than two.” It is true that between is the only choice when exactly two entities are specified: the choice between (not among) good and evil, the rivalry between (not among) Great Britain and France. When more than two entities are involved, however, or when the number of entities is unspecified, the choice of one or the other word depends on the intended sense. Between is used when the entities are considered as distinct individuals; among, when they are considered as a mass or collectivity.

Code of the Wild

  1. Freedom is the highest principle.
  2. Sanity and mundanity are prisons.
  3. Give in kind with a gift recieved.


Aspect 1 Metahuman (5 AMPs) Domain 4 Marchessa (5 DMPs) Realm 2 Realm's Heart (5 RMPs) Spirit 2 Incandescent Flame (5 SMPs)


Subtle, Revelatory Trait (fast-shifting Eyes)


Indirect - Kasey finds it impossible to take one side of a telling of any story, instead planting herself somewhere between truth and confusion. When speaking with her, only intuition can glean what may be true or false.


  • Elemental (2 point Gift of Domain) - Skin goes twilight blue, boundaries diffuse, nearby light dims, solid form lost
    • Physically, Kasey exerts her will on the forces between the atoms of her body, changing them slightly to more fully resemble a gaseous state instead of the semi-liquid state of a normal body. She can now move between areas through the smallest thresholds, and truly embodies the "formless form" of the Tao. [ Its top is not bright; / Its bottom is not dark; / Existing continuously, it cannot be named and it returns to no-thingness. / Thus, it is called the formless form, / The image of no-thing. / This is called the most obscure. / Go to meet it, you cannot see its face. / Follow it, you cannot see its back.]

  • Glorious (2 point Gift of Aspect) - Inspires indecision, pause, hesitation
    • Kasey herself is rather androgynous, with short cropped hair and boyish features. When the power of her domain bleeds into her form, however, she inspires a more compelling uncertainty, seeming to be both monstrous and sublime, potent and weak, friend and foe. Her glory renders onlookers incapable of making decisions regarding her, inspiring hesitation in their actions.

  • Fair Escape (1 point Gift of Domain) - Can leave any situation
    • She tells you that where there is a will, there is a way. With as many scrapes as she's found herself in, it has become second nature to weasel her way out. Not as adept at choosing her destinations, she often finds herself wandering unknown landscapes after just barely escaping some dire situations. After all, when Creation closes a door, somewhere it opens a window. She jumps, and falls...


  • Iain Stewart, Assistant Professor of Physics at MIT, studying Quantum Chromodynamics, and Kasey's cousin

  • Leigh Sullivan, studying Painting at Kyoto University of Art and Design, and Kasey's ex-girlfriend

  • One Anchor spot unfilled


  • (4) Destroying ideologies that promote a black and white view of the world
  • (4) Protecting Iain and encouraging his research
  • (4) Protecting Leigh and encouraging her artistic endeavors
  • (3) [Point Reyes National Seashore]
  • (3) An ancient calligraphy copy of the Tao Te Ching
  • (1) Her mirror shades, which she wears all the time
  • (1) Many-colored subtle coat

Floral Design

On a background of deep blue hangs a crescent moon. In front of this sigil are twined the flowers of Bindweed (Uncertainty) and Bee Balm (Unbearable Whims). The Bindweed bears both white and silver flowers, all in the midst of twisting open or closed. The Bee Balm is an explosion of spiky red petals in a double circle, open wide.

Spirits of Twilight

The spirits of twilight appear as androgynous deep-blue colored sprites, often seen carrying flickering lanterns. They can appear and disappear from view, and their moods and shapes seem to shift constantly. The spirits will often merge and unmerge from each other, and they chatter back and forth in a incomprehensible language of sound, gesture, and shadowplay. The spirits delight in surprising and bothering chancelfolk and the Familia, but always act in a benevolent manner, and they will aid in a task if flattered- even though their methods of helping can be unorthodox, at best.


  • To Do List
    • journal entries
    • anchors and the new timeline

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