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Within the Chancel's main house, there is a hallway of doors that turns around corners, and seems to never come to an end. Each door is decorated in a subtly different fashion. Some have brass plates with engraved information, some are more roughhewn, or more modern looking. Some are inlaid with slightly frosted windows, giving a blurry glimpse of what lies within. Kasey loves to wander this hallway, peeking through keyholes or opening doors just a crack. With a childlike sense of wonder and exploration, she will disappear over thresholds, returning later bearing strange fruit for Wallace, or a book or two to leave in the libraries of Story or History, or other gifts for the Familia.

When found actually sitting on her throne, looking out of the window, she usually has in hand a mug of tea brewed up by Wallace, which she sips for hours as the light changes over the Chancel. During these times she's known to murmur about the tea, which is always precisely lukewarm. "Neither hot nor cold, solid nor gas. Water, but more than water. Leaves, but less than leaves. The essence of transition. How so like our lives. Human, but more than human, and a little less than the supreme Power, but still Powers." She shimmers, then, and dissolves just a little, so you can see through her to the twilight beyond.

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