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Omnia Mutantur

Forget airports. Forget Southeast Asia. Forget the future. The past, too. It's all changing again.

I've slipped off the edge of reality, like Rincewind over the Disc. Only instead of a giant tortoise and four grand elephants, I managed a lion made of grass (no, not that kind, at least as such as I could tell). He came upon us, and tore us open like so much paper. He bit me, and I think I died.

So now I'm either dead or immortal, dreaming or more awake than ever. Oh, right, and you might want to make note that I'm apparently a god now. Phenomenal cosmic powers, itty bitty living space. Well, not exactly- more like itty bitty pocket dimension made out of Mayapore that may be infinite in size. Mayapore doesn't exist anymore, either. You may want to check to make sure reality has updated your atlas.

And I never made it to Japan, either. Leigh probably thinks I'm dead, or drugged out beyond oblivion. -I- probably think I'm dead or drugged, or maybe both. At least the house is nice, and it feels like reality. I mean, it is reality, for as much as I want to make it so. I never knew if I was ensnared in some illusion before, so why give up faith in Descartes now, just because the rules have changed. New rules will emerge, and new mysteries will stretch out before me. Omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.

Caveat Emptor

This god business is -not- all it's cracked up to be. First off all, we have a lawyer now, because we apparently have laws about what sorts of things we can do with our near-infinite power. He's sleazy beyond belief, unless you're into wondering whether a guy is going to sue you or shag you. Though he does seem to grovel well. I could get used to the grovelling. The humans left on the island-that's-not-an-island-anymore are somewhat upset, having seen their lives dissolved like so much cotton candy in the mouth of a spoiled child. It was a bit of a disruption, but they're demanding raising of the dead and whatnot. Have they never -seen- horror movies? That's just a bad idea.

One of my fellow gods- oh, yes, did I mention I'm in the god club, and there's a bunch more besides me? And we're not even the top of the food chain... Anyway, apparently love is quite out of the question, and so the lawyer and the rest are coming up with creative rule-breaking rather than stick her in the food processor and make so much guacamole for the party. Good for them. Human guac would taste terrible, anyway. In any case, the lesson learned from that is to keep your goddamn mouth shut about what you're doing in your spare time. Let the the god police figure it out on their own. Honesty is for suckers and children.

I'll have to keep that in mind when doing my hob-nobbing. We're having a party, a sort of debutante ball or the like, only with better food and no relatives. I'll be content to settle to the bottom of the party, because as far as I can tell, I got shafted on the cosmic power routine. We've got a bunch of useful gods in our little lion-hearted club, including logic and food (ahh, to have had both of them in my pocket when I was at university), and stories and history (both good for conversation), and ...potential? I mean, that's just so versatile. Already this little grandmother has made the lawyer near immortal -and- nudged him to fall in love with some princess, and we've been here for a few hours. At least, I think it's been a few hours. I can't really keep track of time here.

And what do I get? Physics, perhaps, after all those hours of studying? Maybe the seashore, or hot sex? No, of course not. That would be fun. And useful.

I get the supreme control over betweenness. First of all, that's not even a word. And secondly, I have no idea what to do with it.

Next time I'm attacked and given transcendence by a giant grassy lion, I'm going to think real hard about thunder, or lightning bolts, or storms at sea. Something cool. Something useful. Yeah, that's the plan.

Neutiquam Erro

Apparently, I'm now bonafide evil. You can see it in my eyes, I guess, which are now all sorts of funky. They won't stop changing color, which means I need shades when I go out from now on. Some little punker in Kyoto can go ahead and confuse the locals in my stead, because she wanted some of her own. I guess that counts as my first miracle. It could have been worse, I suppose. Nothing like sending the populace through the blender of confusion.

But anyway, what everyone always suspected now has proof, in the form of holy swords kicking my ass and holy ground burning my feet. There apparently -is- an unfeeling cosmic order that determines whether your heart is in the right place, and mine isn't. I went to finally visit Leigh, and my doorway let out into some Japanese temple thing, and then some priest chased me and called me a demon. He followed me all the way to Leigh's apartment. After hitting me with some holy wooden sword and knocking me nearly through the wall, I went all godlike on his ass. Which sort-of worked. I managed to push him out of the apartment and bar the way. We had a nice little conversation about whether I was evil or not, and I charged him with finding out how I could become not evil under his codex.

I bound Leigh to me. I had to protect her, especially after all this business with Wallace's wife. I hope it was the right thing to do.

Heh... the right thing... I guess I wouldn't know, would I?

Diis Placuit

Ethics, ethics, ethics. Have I always been this boring when making dinner conversation? It seems like I can't come up with a clear answer from anyone on this ethics issue, and thus it's all I can think about. There I was, surrounded by gods, and all I could talk about was how we determine right and wrong. No tales of cosmic derring do, or anything of the sort. The notables at my table were Lady Butterfly (yes, I nearly called her Madame Butterfly so many times), and Citizen Rat, the power of rats turned fabulously communist. He's a heavy handed mortal's rights kind of guy- very fervent, very passionate... very into eating garbage. I wouldn't mind taking a smoke break with him occasionally. Lady Butterfly erred more on the side of the people needing gods, and wanting that profound and often confusingly painful religious experience. She's dancing more on the side of Darkness these days, and not liking it. I think she may have offered me a job, as well. I'm going to take a quick jaunt down south to see if running the local horse and ritual sacrifice show is up my alley. I'm guessing probably not, but I do like vacations, and maybe someone down there will have more input on the ethics issue. I need to meet up with that priest dude, too.

The party was rocking, though. I love the shit we can do with time and space. And the Hallway of Doors is beyond fun. More exploring later.

Malum Consilium

That bastard lawyer tried to kill my damn cousin, using another damn lawyer- that Yin fellow belonging to Potential. I could just scream. Damnable lawyers, worse than sharks, worse than fleas, worse than any creature 'ere conceived. Would that I could drown them all... it is not important. We have punished Hector- he is under our surveillance now. We will make sure this sort of behavior does not recur. Ah. And Iain is one of us, well, one of me, now. He's safe, like my darling Leigh. I'm tired of our moral uncertainty here. We must agree on some sort of standard. I don't want attempted murder to be excusable, and I don't want to work with these damn lawyers. I continue my moral education. The priest in Kyoto has been helpful. Perhaps someday I'll be able to walk about on the grounds of his sacred temple without burning the soles of my feet. We must take our responsibility seriously. Why do we not ease suffering? Why are we so involved in these petty squabbles? I resolve to be more involved in human affairs than I am in my own. I will teach them the shades of grey...

...and blue, and green, and red, and all the colors in between.

Lapsus Calumni

Excrucian tried to hurt me. Kicked his ass with the help of Stories. May have accidently allowed corruption of the Perfect Law. Oh well. Probably not that great, anyway. Many monks died because of stupid Excrucian. Makes me awfully mad. Must remember to kick his ass extensively, when I get some more Seven-Fold Justice fodder.

Mars is nice- the Diachronic Library, anyway. Many books, very dangerous. Apparently sentient. Mars in danger of falling off World Ash. Fixing that later, with the terribly adorable ambergirls. Hotties, one and all, and quite engaging. World Ash full of interesting characters, must do more exploring. Leigh has taken up with "Wild Zero" (that silly Japanese shop girl I gave changing eyes) who is trying to start a cult. It is a rather stupid cult, very unproductive, and not reflecting well on me at all, but I'll have to deal with it later.

Anaxamander attacked the Chancel. We stopped him, but security really must be beefed up. He mucked about a great deal, and did some nasty work to Prasinos. Oh, speaking of Prasinos, we've discovered he's a bit special for an Imperator- apparently reborn from Melek Tous, another Imperator seeking a new moral code. Apparently I'm a bit special, too. Possibly also reborn? Well, my power, that is. Or something. I'm not entirely clear on all of it. That's why we're in the Library.

Oh, and I may have accidently allowed an Excrucian to enter Creation. I've named him Libris, and tried to impress upon him many moral characteristics while he was forming. He is out to destroy me eventually, but I don't hold it against him. We're working on a mutually agreeable solution. He sprang forth from a book, trying to warn me about Coriander Hasp (the -other- Excrucian), and I attempted to shape his early personality. It may have worked, who knows, but it certainly will be interesting.

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