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The Probable Throne

Shaped like a stately bean bag chair, and hovering in the deep purple to ultraviolet color range, the Throne of Twilight sits close to a nearby window. At a distance, it appears to be covered in translucent fur, but upon closer examination, it is the boundaries of the chair itself that are fuzzy and indistinct. Observed over time, the chair shifts in form, resembling styles from across the world and across history, spending long period transitioning between two of these forms, and never seeming to reach any solid destination. If the throne is reclined in accidently- it is sometimes difficult to remember that it's there- it invites a feeling of calm dissolution in which one forgets identity and feels at one with the universe, blurring across physical and mental boundaries. Those with a phsyics background recieve strange insight into quantum mechanics, insight which is forgotten gradually after leaving the throne. When Kasey sits in the throne, it becomes even more diffuse in appearance, but also subtly responds to her will to become more comfortable.

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