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An exiled angel working its way back toward the Light, in a sometimes confusing and stumbling manner.

Prasinos takes the form of an elephant-sized green lion, with fine moss for fur and a mane made of long, fine grass. His teeth, however, are long jagged shards of glass, and whenever he opens his jaws his surpassingly sweet breath draws prey to him like moths to a flame. He is a fallen angel, who has recently decided that he no longer agrees with Lucifer's judgements. However, the fires of Hell burned away all his ethics, and until he gets a new code he cannot return to Heaven. That is why (among other reasons) he has enchancelled--he wants to create Powers who can help design a new morality for himself.

Recent events suggest that Prasinos is actually a reincarnation of [Melek Taus], the Peacock Angel worshipped by the [Yezidi], a small Kurdish population living in the Middle East. Melek Taus was slain in the Second Age by Zanaphiel and Kaldath, for doing basically the same thing that Prasinos is trying to do now: establish a new ethical code.

Even ordinary carelessness is terribly dangerous when married to nearly omnipotent power, and as a Degenerate Imperator, Prasinos is nearly wholly amoral. Think of him as a Bengal tiger armed with nuclear weaponry, and you have something of the flavor of his nature. While he recognizes himself for what he is, and makes efforts to shield his Powers from the worst of his own nature, there are no guarantees for anyone else.

Prasinos' ethical code:

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