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From the ThoughtRecord of [Hector Rodriguez Ornelas]:

I always thought that Rafe must have walked through fire or something, in order to convince a a Sovereign to tell bullets not to hurt him. I was obviously wrong. I just goddamn mentioned that I would like to live forever, and that old woman just up and did it. As soon as her lips touched my forehead, I could suddenly feel the future stretching out before me, opening out into infinity. It feels good--no, it feels great--to know that as long as I don't screw up I'm free and clear, but the implications are terrifying.

It's clearly misleading to think of Powers as any kind of human, for all that they laugh and speak and joke about money. These entities have power like most of us have hair. What's legendary for us is commonplace for them. There's more profit opportunities here than even my most optimistic forecasts predicted, but the danger is clearly a lot higher than in my most pessimistic forecasts. I mean, I've obviously got no secrets from any of their kind. And I bloody know that one of them is in love, which is goddamn-danger-Will-Robinson territory if ever there was any. It will take some finesse, to deal with this problem without getting dead or screwing up what I've got going here. But I can handle it. I hope.

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