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A devout and just paladin, centuries ago, by a miracle of God, I was granted eternal life, blessed to return in the times of trouble for Denmark, to defend it from evil. Now, I've come back to the year 2003, when all is strange and different. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I can sense that something is wrong with the royal family of Norway, which was once part of Denmark, and thus still under my protection. I could have sworn (though that would have been blasphemous) that the next in line for the throne was the prince, and that his sister was younger, but everyone else seems perfectly happy with the fact that the princess is older and in line for the throne. I suspect that this is trickery worked by the cunning and foul magicks of six demi-gods that have invaded my land, harbingers of a fallen angel that claims to seek redemption, but I can see through his lies and treachery.

These intruders are trying to marry a foreigner to the princess, to usurp power over the kingdom, and have arranged for the villainous knave they retain as a lawyer and agent on Earth to meet the princess at the upcoming Iron Chef Scandinavia filming. No doubt, they shall work black sorcery on her to make her fall in love falsely and hand the throne to this unrighteous man in league with darkness itself. Will I be able to stop them in time?

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