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Caroline Staci, a graduate student in the archaeology department of Oxford University, was spending her summer on the island of Mayapore assisting at a dig. The team was excavating a peculiar temple, which included depictions and small statues of lions, which are not known in the area. (Interesting side note: Singapore apparently got its name from a prince who saw a creature he thought was a lion, and who later founded a settlement called Singa-pura, or lion city.) When the island was removed from reality to become the Viridian Labyrinth, echoes of Prasinos washed backwards in time, causing both the prince's vision and the creation of the temple. Caroline became the Power of History; most of the rest of the archaeological team was killed as the earth twisted into a four-dimensional [Klein bottle], which is somewhat stressful for the three-dimensional objects trapped inside.


Aspect 1 Metahuman (5/5? AMPs)
Domain 5 Regal (5/5? DMPs)
Realm 1 Radiant (5/5? RMPs)
Spirit 3 Sunfire (4/5? SMPs)

Plus 5 extra miracle points

and 2 character points


Light Touch (require anchor's consent to send miracles other than ghost miracles through them)



Code of Truth

  1. Truth is the highest principle.
  2. The truth should be remembered and shared (corollary: lies should be suppressed).
  3. The true nature of a thing ought not be changed (specifically, people shouldn't be made to do things they wouldn't otherwise do).

"Oh devil! truth is better than much profit. I have searched over the grounds of my belief, and if wife and child and name and fame were all to be lost to me one after the other as the penalty, still I will not lie."
-- T. H. Huxley



Sample Miracles

2. Lesser Divination. Learn the history of an object or place I or my anchor can touch. Determine whether an account of a historical event is true or not.
3. Lesser Preservation. Protect a document or artifact from wear or damage. Make humans present at an event remember it for a long time. Make someone remember what they are told about a historical event.
4. Lesser Creation. Create a record of an event. Create a memory of a historical event in someone who was not present. Create an artifact or historical document (Though newly created, this artifact or document will have been present during the historical time it is now from. It wasn't until now, but now it has been. I need more tenses.)
5. Lesser Destruction. Destroy a historical artifact or record. Remove someone's memory of an event.
5. Greater Divination. Learn anything that has ever happened anywhere, assuming no Powers were involved.
6. Lesser Change. Change minor details of what happened in the past. Change the writing on historical documents. Change someone's memory of an event.
6. Greater Preservation. Make an event be remembered for all time. Preserve a set of historical documents or artifacts from any damage ever.
7. Greater Creation. Create an entirely new historical event. Make hundreds of people remember an event, regardless of whether they were present or not.
8. Greater Destruction. Destroy all artifacts or documents relating to a historical event. Destroy all memory of an event.
9. Greater Change. Change the outcome of a historical event, such as the winner of a battle or the survival of the Roanoke colony.


The design of History is a small branch of dark green fir (representing Time) wrapped in three light purple periwinkles (representing Memory).



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